Waclaw Wantuch and the Body Displaced by Perspective

      Today our dislocated look goes to Waclaw Wantuch, a Polish photographer who has as object of his photography the human body, especially the female nude, and which is elevated to new and different visualities. Formed by the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, he is the author of several "photo-books", with more than seventy national and international exhibitions.

For Wantuch the model can not expose himself as he wishes, the photographer sculpts the bodies and light exploring the curves of the female body creating a sculptural poetic of dense bodies and masses the angles in which he poses to approach the body put into play the monocular vision of photography and reinterprets the human form by rethinking, or shifting its visuality its gaze to light and photography does not rely only on retractable objects, but recreates them and displaces them giving them new visualities.

In his work the body and its visuality are problematized from an unfamiliar perspective, from a displaced perspective. The object of his photography does not come from his theme, the sense and the framing, but also from the geometrical point, from the perspective and that can be understood in photography as an act of folding.

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