The Nus series by Shinichi Maruyama

       Born in 1968 in Nagano, Japan, Shinichi Maruyama began to take an interest in Chinese photography and calligraphy already in high school, studied at Chiba University, worked at Hakuhodo Photo Creative and today is represented by the gallery Bruce Silverstein. Since 2000, Maruyama has participated in exhibitions including venues such as Boghossian Foundation in Belgium, Carnegie Hall in New York, Paris Photo in Paris. He currently resides and works in New York.

          The relation he establishes with the photographic apparatus is that of an operator of temporalities, someone who has in his hands the possibility of dealing with other temporalities and understandings in relation to time.

           In his "Nus" series of 2012, you see traces, scratches and shapes that overlap with a dark background, "the figure in the image, which is shaped like a sculpture, is created by the combination of 10,000 individual photographs of a dancer ". This assembly of overlapping "time planes" causes the whole effect of the movement to be engraved in a singular and intense way, giving the sensation of mass to the subtle movement of the body that presents itself with a sculptural aspect.
         The movement is captured without beginning and without end, you can not identify where it comes from and where it goes, where it started and where it ends. Even with all the lightness it symbolizes, the movement is treated so densely that the image gains mass and is stuffed with weight, as if it were a solid object. Here, Maruyama fills the space of a temporality, it is an expanded time that, unlike the pioneers of photography, seeks to explore the movement of something over time. What these images present is not only the object, but the object and its movement in a time of course.

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