The Sea-Scapes series by Hiroshi Sugimoto

     Our displaced look today goes to Hiroshi Sugimoto, Japanese photographer, architect and collector. Born in Tokyo and strongly influenced by the works and writings of Duchamp, Dadaists and Surrealists. Sugimoto photographed navies, theaters and architectures in a very particular way😁📷💭💭 His series "Sea-Scapes" is composed of images that, at first, do not refer to the visible reality, are in fact a real scene, an index extracted from the contact with the visible reality, but completely transfigured by the cut that is given by photographer. In this series the photographer uses the cutout and the framing to unlink the object from the reference space to which it belongs. It is therefore a great reference to our displaced photography.😉📷 To know more:
Resultado de imagem para sea scapes sugimoto


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