Rethinking the Landscape - Minor White

Another photographer that I love 😍😍and who is reference for my displaced photograph.📷😉 Minor White was an American photographer who found comfort in Western and Eastern religious practices.
Born in Minnesota, he began shooting in 1937, and when he moved to Oregon, he began photographing Adams-style natural landscapes.
In 1946, at the invitation of Adams himself, he moved to San Francisco, where he began to teach at the California School of Fine Arts, and to investigate a critical aspect of photography, which he called "equivalence". (where the photographic image serves an idea or state of mind beyond the subject being treated).
White's images are not based on nature as it is, but rearranges its elements creating interesting images that allow us to rethink the landscape.

To know more:…/Minor-White.html tado).

Para Saber mais:
HACKING, Juliet. Tudo sobre fotografia. Tradução de Fabiano Moraes, Fernanda Abreu e Ivo Korytosky. Rio de Janeiro: Sextante, 2012.


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