The Problem of the Instant - The Kusho series by Shinichi Maruyama

Our dislocated look today features Sinichi Maruyama and his Kusho series. Kusho is a Japanese word meaning to write in the sky (Ku = sky + sho = calligraphy, writing) and is also the name of one of the series of Shinichi Maruyama. Scribbles and drawings made in the air by an enormous brush with water and a bucket of sumi paint, create a unique design that takes place from an instant that can no longer be repeated. The art of the Chinese ideograms aims to be a direct action, which once put on paper must go straight to its end, without intervals and arrangements, is in this sense that is considered by the Orientals as an art, and it is in this same way that the images from the series. "Once your brush plays the role, you must finish the character, you have a chance. It can never be repeated or duplicated. " Maruyama proposes to enter the calligraphic experience from the photographic moment, the moment will never be repeated, and just like the empty calligraphy page, there is only one chance to make the image happen.


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