Exhibition: "Rethinking the Landscape"

Exhibition that resulted from Workshop "Rethinking the Landscape: Another Look at Nature Photography" that happened at AAPLAJ in September 2017

With Adilson Santos - Douglas Meyer - Eder Alex - Kim Coimbra - Márcia Camargo - Morgana Demarchi - Roseli Ritzmann - Roseli Sartori - Rosi Costa - Sarah Uriarte - Tirotti

Photos by Morgana Demarchi

Rethinking the Landscape: Another look at nature photography.

Landscape does not have to do with representation, or rather, to represent the landscape has nothing to do with copying, with imitation, "For Gombrich, representation is not a replica, of course. It does not have to be identical to the reason. The test of an image is not its resemblance to the natural, but its effectiveness within a context of action. "¹

The ancient world, for example, did not hold the concept of landscape, it was the modern man, with his fissures and fragmentations in the spiritual, social and technical field that aroused sensitivity to this particular configuration.

It is a mistake to summarize the landscape to nature, there is a difference of principle between them: nature can not be divided, fragmented, and nature ceases to be nature. The landscape, in turn, should be a fragment, a piece, a slice, but that by reaching an integral and complete dimension is understood as landscape. Landscape is, therefore, what we know to be (which we are aware of) a fragment of the natural world, but which nonetheless presents itself as something inseparable. Here is your magic.

But the landscape also does not only concern the world and its elements, it involves our inner experience that animates and makes us animate matter. It is not cause and effect, but interaction and dynamism in a complex relationship with our experience. The landscape is in the visible world, but also in our willingness to contemplate it beyond where the eye can look.

Thus, thinking and rethinking the landscape, like the natural space, is a dynamic, living attitude, has no support, no objects, no senses, is active, impulsive, is, in the end, full manifestation and power of to manifest.

Fábio Salun
Plastic Artist and Researcher
Master in Theory and History of Art by UDESC

1 MAKOWIECKY, Sandra. Representação – a palavra, a idéia, a coisa. In: Cadernos de pesquisa Interdisciplinar em Ciências Humanas. Florianópolis, nº 57, p. 02 – 25, 2003 pág.15


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